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House Red. Sangiovese del Rubicone IGT NV.  £23,95

Merlot delle Venezie. IGT. Veneto £26.95

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Piane Di Maggio. Abruzzo £28.50

Chianti. San Lorenzo. Melini. DOCG. Chianti £32.50

Nero D’avola. Tareni. DOC. Sicilia £34,50
Shows a brilliant ruby red color and nuances of ruby red, moderate transparency. The nose reveals intense, clean, pleasing and refined aromas which start with hints of black cherry, plum and violet.

Primitivo. Piluna. Cantina Monaci IGT. Puglia £36.50
Inviting spices, ripe plums and wild blackberries. Robust and expressive. Fun and elegant wine.

Barbera D’Asti. Stella Rossa. Marco Bonfante. IGT. Piemonte £37,50
It has a winy bouquet, with scents of red fruits like cherries and marasca cherry, and a very delicate vanilla note

Chianti Classico. Peppoli. Antinori D.O.C.G. Toscana £42,50
Intense ruby red with garnet reflections. Ethereal perfume with full aroma. Rich of velvety and elegant tannins – released by the wooden barrel – give elegance to this full-bodied wine.

Salice Salentino Castello Monaci Riserva DOC. 2014-16 Puglia £44,50
Robust and rustic with dried fruit (fig/prune) flavours accompanied by a creamy bitter-chocolate character, balanced by moderate acidity and smoky oak, with superb length.

Pinot Nero, Muri – Gries. Alto Adige. Friuli £46,50
Fragrant, with rich blueberries and fruits of the forest on the nose, this is an elegant, round and velvety Pinot Noir with loganberry-fruit character and cherryish undertones filling out the medium bodied, succulent palate.

Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso, Rocca Sveva. DOC Veneto £48,50
Intense Ruby red colour with highlights tending to orange and wine ages. The bouquet has an intense aroma of Cherry, blackberry and nuances of Vanilla.

Barbera d’Alba, Serragrilli. DOCG 2012-15. Piemonte £52,50
A wine ruby red in appearance with cherry reflections. Elegantly scented with pleasant notes of cherry and sour cherry. Very rich extractions on the palate, persistent but simultaneously soft.

Taurasi. Vigna Macchia dei Goti. Caggiano DOCG 2014-15. Campania £58,00
This is an intense and complex wine with aromas of red berry fruits on the nose and hints of vanilla and liquorice appear on the palate along with wild strawberries and cranberries.

Primitivo di Manduria Riserva. Jorche. DOP. 2015-17. Puglia £68,00
A very deep and intense ruby red-coloured with a round and soft reminding scents of mixed berries. Refined and elegant wine for a very special occasion.

Chianti Classico Riserva Antinori DOC 2012-15 Toscana £72,00
It is ruby red with purple hues and has an intense bouquet with hints of blackberry, raspberry and violets.

Barbaresco Basarin. Negro. DOCG 2014-16. Piemonte £78,50
Ruby red with tawny hues due to ageing. Roses perfumes on the nose, with notes of black and red berries, pepper and vanilla. Elegant and austere with a persistent tannic structure.

Barolo. Virna Borgogno. DOCG 2011-12. Piemonte £85,00
Blood red with ruby highlights, it has a clear-cut, intense nose with overtones of vanilla, spices, withered roses and underbrush. The palate is dry, but soft, full bodied, velvety and well balanced.

Amarone Classico della Valpolicella Riserva. DOCG 2012-14 Veneto £95,00
Deep almost opaque in colour with a pronounced nose of morello cherries interspersed with layers of oak and spice.

Brunello di Montalcino. Il Poggione. DOCG. 2012 £120,00
Ruby red in colour, with a very intense, persistent nose and with red fruit notes. Warm, balanced flavour with velvet-smooth tannins. Long-lasting aroma.

Barolo, Vigna del Gris, Conterno Fantino. DOCG 2010-14 £145.00
A complex wine with classic aromas of melting tar and violets, lots of figs and rich notes of chamois leather. Pretty complex, of medium weight and with a very fine finish.

Tignanello Antinori. I.G.T 2014. Toscana £165,00
Tignanello is concentrated and dense, the nose has tons of black fruit, smoke and oak.

Sassicaia. Bolgheri. Tenuta San Guido. 2016. Toscano £495,00
In few words.. the perfect Italian red wine.

Red Wines by Half Bottle (37,5cl)
Valpolicella Superiore MASI £19,95
Chianti Classico Peppoli £19,95
Amarone dela Valpolicella MASI £48,00

Red Wines by Glass (175ml)
House Wine £6,95
Montepulciano £7,95
Merlot £7,95
Chianti £8,95


House White. Trebbiano del Rubicone. IGT NV. £23,95

Grillo Roceno. Sibiliana. IGT. £24,95
From the south of Marsala in Sicily, its distinctive (think herbaceous tropicals and spicy fragrance) and full, rounded and savoury, perfectly fitting for the best fish cuisine.

Pinot Grigio. Setteanime. DOC Veneto. £26,95
Wine of great character fermented strictly “in white”, refined and marked bouquet reminds of acacia’s flowers. Dry, suave, full bodied with a strong scent of Artemisia, lemon and pear.

Chardonnay. DOC. Friuli-Grave. £28,50
A quiet wine with high acidity; it is refined, elegant, aristocratic and light bodied. The aroma brings to mind apple and fresh bread crust.

Sauvignon. Toblar. DOC. Friuli. £29,50
Pale yellow with intense aroma of sage, yellow pepper, tropical fruits. Aromatic and long on the palate, good acidity, slightly dry, an historic wine of real character.

Pecorino. Riseis. Organic Wine. IGT. NV. Abruzzo. £29,50
Fine and fruity, with scents of peach, sage, broom flower and hawthorn; scents of balsamic herbs creating a beautiful herbaceous notes.

Orvieto Classico. Ruffino N.V. Umbria £29,50
The classic white wine from Umbria: dry and crisp, gentle yet mouth filling with a long almond finish.

Lugana Pratello. Catalliano. Vino Biologico. DOC. Lombardia £32,50
Light golden, bright in glass. Intense nose of ripe lemons and spice. Impressively textured palate: dry but full with excellent oak integration. Mineral finish.

Verdicchio Classico. La Vaglie. Stefano Antonucci. D.O.C. Marche £34,50
Intense, round and fresh aromas lead to a dry, soft palate with notes of ripe peaches, apples and fresh citrus acidity.

Soave Classico. Ciondola. Rocca Sveva. DOCG. Veneto £36,50
Freshly and zesty with pleasant citrus fruit flavours and balanced acidity.

Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Panizzi. DOCG NV. Toscana £37,50
Bright light straw in colour with greenish reflections. Dense and delicate with notes that recall the first spring. Flowers and fresh fruits, green apples, pears and grapefruits.

Falanghina Del Sannio DOP. Terre Stregate. Campania. £37,50
Intense lemon flavour. Tropical aromas on the nose with pineapple, apple and pears.

Vermentino di Gallura Superiore Monteoro. Sella & Mosca. DOCG. Sardegna £39,00
Dry wine is herbal and aromatic, displaying light almond flavours and a fresh finish.

Gavi di Gavi. Serragrilli. DOCG. Piemonte £42,00
One of Italy’s most fashionable whites, it is noted for acute dryness and fresh, flinty acidity. This is a bright straw-yellow wine with greenish highlights.

Pouilly Fumé Cuvée de Boisfleury, Alain Cailbourdin. Loire France £44.50
Aromas are very expressive from the very first year and are essentially fruity citrus (grapefruit), passion fruit, as well as floral (rose petals and white flowers).

Sancerre Cuvée Insolite, Domaine Franck Millet. Loire France £49.50
Pronounced, expressive nose of green fruits, fresh cut grass and minerals. The palate is clean and ultra crisp; medium bodied and packed with greengage, lime and gooseberry fruit. The finish is clean, showing a real sense of place through its minerality.

Sauvignon Lafoa. Colterenzio. DOC 2016-2018. Alto Adige £55,00
Very intense floral aromas, reminiscent of elderflower, acacia blossom combined with fresh sage and a delicate well integrated hint of oak, firm acidity on the palate and superb length.

White Wines by Half Bottle (37,5cl)
Orvieto Classico Secco £16,95
Pinot Grigio £16,95
Frascati Superiore £16,95

White Wine by Glass (175ml)
House Wine. Trebbiano  £6,95
Pinot Grigio (White or Blush) £7,95
Chardonnay £7,95
Sauvignon Friulano £7,95

Rose wine

Pinot Grigio Blush IGT NV. Veneto £26,95
Notes of pears and spun sugar with a hint of raspberry, followed by a slightly sweet palate.

Cipresseto Rosato. Santa Cristina. IGT. Tuscany £32,50
Bright and coral in colour, rich on the nose, opulent, floral with fine fruit. On the palate it is dry, harmonious, rich and elegant with a pleasantly dry aftertaste.


Moet & Chandon £85,00
Veuve Clicquot £95,00
Prosecco (Dry Brut) £42,50

Pinot Grigio Blush IGT NV. Veneto £26,95
Notes of pears and spun sugar with a hint of raspberry, followed by a slightly sweet palate.

Cipresseto Rosato. Santa Cristina. IGT. Tuscany £32,50
Bright and coral in colour, rich on the nose, opulent, floral with fine fruit. On the palate it is dry, harmonious, rich and elegant with a pleasantly dry aftertaste.


Glass of Prosecco £7,95
Negroni £12,95
Aperol Spritzer £12,95
Kir Royal £11,95
Kir £9,95
Spritzer £8,95

Martini Rosso, Dry Martini, Extra Dry Martini, Cinzano Bianco/Rosso, Bacardi, Campari, Punt e Mes, Pimm’s, Gin, Vodka, Pernod, Sherry Medium, Malibu (all 50ml.) £6,95

Mixers  £2,65
Soda Water, Slimline Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Lemonade

Beers and Ales
Birra Menabrea, 330ml £5,95
Birra Moretti, 330ml £5,95

Soft Drinks  £2,95
Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Lemonata, Orangina, Soda, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale

Juices  £3,95
Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Tomato, Pear, Peach

Mineral Water 
Still & Sparkling (50cl) £3,95
Still & Sparkling (1lt) £5,95